The Terra Victus range of fertilizer enhanced compost is a new product specially blended for the agriculture fertilizer market in South Africa.  Its unique formulation of plant and animal waste materials and selected chemical fertilizers, provides the home-gardener, under cover farmer, small and large scale commercial agriculture operations with the opportunity to increase production and farm income while rejuvenating the soil.

Normal compost from plant origin has natural low occurring plant nutrients that are not readily available to the plant. This is mostly due to the composting process as well as acceleration of the decomposition of the plant materials. The addition of animal waste products contributes towards the generation of a strong


Terra Victus provide technical support to clients. Agents can contact Terra Victus Technical Support for advice in respect of specific crop applications. Terra Victus can assist large scale commercial farmers with fertilizer formulation that will meet the nutrient requirements of their crop/orchards based on soil and plant conditions.


Terra Victus’s range of fertilizer complies with local regulations in respect of Act. 36 of 1947 regarding chemically enriched organic fertilizer. Terra Victus compost is tested regularly and certified to be free of pathogens and harmful fungi such as Phytophthora, Fusarium and Armillaria.



The Terra Victus range of high nutrient chemically enriched organic fertilizer provides the agriculturist and home gardener with uniquely formulated enriched organic fertilizer that meets the specific nutrient needs of various crops to enhance plant growth and crop yield.

Terra Victus commenced with the development of the Terra Victus range of organic fertilizer in 2001 and has since conducted numerous field trials to confirm the improved plant growth and yield of various agronomy, horticulture and vegetable crops.  The product development has reached a stage of maturity where it is ready to be introduced to nurseries, home gardeners, under cover, small and commercial scale farmers.  The organic fertilizer can also be customised to address the nutrient needs of a wide range of vegetable, horticulture and field crops.

Terra Victus operations

Terra Victus has an established fertilizer processing facility in Heidelberg, Gauteng Province.  The open area windrow composting facility can process up to 40000 tons of fertilizer per annum and can easily be increased.  The compost materials are then processed through a blender and pelletizing plant to produce a pellet that can be administered to the crop by hand or mechanised fertilizer application equipment.   

The range of Terra Victus blended fertilizer is available in:

  • Polyethylene bags (25kg) for the consumer market;
  • 50 kg bags for nurseries, under cover and small holding farmer; and
  • Bulk deliveries for large scale, commercial farming applications.

The Terra Victus range of fertilizer is high in nutrient value that can be ascribed to the source of organic materials used and the addition of specific plant nutrients and carbon activator, a scientifically formulated chemical blend of organic acids and natural compounds. Terra Victus utilises a wide range of intensive farming waste products of animal and plant origin that contain high concentrations of micro elements.  

The source material is carefully screened and selected for application in the Terra Victus process. The aerobic and anaerobic decomposition process ensures that all the nutrients and carbon are made available in the fertilizer.  The fertilizer is then formulated for each specific application/crop through the addition of chemical fertilizers and the carbon activator.

Pelletized Product:pelletized

  1. Garden 500g – 1000g per m²
  2. Open Land 0.5t – 1t per ha (ha=10 000 m²)

Lawn Dressing:

  1. Garden 4m³ per average yard (average yard = 1 200m²)
  2. Open Land 8m³ – 10m³ per ha